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Abe is OK after the Spring Break

In a time span of eight days or Spring Break (From 3/29 to 4/6), Abe played nine games (eight games in two soccer tournaments and a regular league game).  Out of the nine, he played most of time in one game and all time in eight full 70-minute games (although it was mentioned somewhere 35-minute halves, […]

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A tournament away

We were on road again, this time, it’s St. Louis. The whole family went together.  Abe had a soccer tournament there. His team played first two on turf fields. the last on on grass. Since part of facility was also used for college and professional soccer, fields were flat and big (bigger than the ones […]

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Spring’s here. It’s the time for the kids to go out to play something. It does not matter it is riding bike or playing soccer, or playing some chess games. This was the picture I took at the hallway of the first floor of the tournament Abe played one week ago. It brought me a […]

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Michael Jordan and his high school coach

Recently, I read a moving article from Sports Illustrated about Michael Jordan’s  high school coach (“Did This Man Really Cut Michael Jordan?“), coach Herring. It’s he who placed Michael on the Junior Varsity team when Michael’s a sophomore and  too short to make the Varsity team.  But Michael made the Varsity team the following year […]

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CCSCSL Thanksgiving Open

Several friends have told me how great the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis was and I should visit it with Abe sometime. Weeks ago, knowing Thanksgiving Open would be held over the Thanksgiving weekend there, without hesitation, I registered Abe for the tournament. I am excited to go see the club except […]

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A Chess Dad’s view on keeping chess teenagers to chess

I have heard or seen many teenagers who quit chess when they are in middle or high schools.  These promising young chess players stop their chess improvements at early ages, which are usually best time for people to achieve their full talents in chess. On the other hand, in middle or high schools, there are […]

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Found it!

Yesterday, waiting outside the chess playing hall at a chess tournament, I looked outside of the window and thought: “Fall was not bad and it’s a nice day outside”. When Abe showed up after finishing his game, I asked him, “Did you see any birds outside?” I asked him this question because I missed their […]

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A bad tournament

Last Saturday, Abe had a bad tournament; he scored 1.5 points out 4. On the way to home, he said his face was so red (so he could not think calmly). I replied “Maybe you are over-excited (to rush)”. He had so many school activities this year. Every day, before dinner, he just got home […]

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Soccer season

Abe was very excited when he was making the school JV soccer team last week. He had been talking about making the soccer team several times even before the school started. It’s all new to him, like games and practices many times a week, like traveling with other teammates and the coach in a school […]

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School and Chess

Summer is over! Although not officially, but I can realize it since Abe could not sleep as late as he wanted anymore. In the last week or so, he had to get up at around 7 am. At evenings, he seemed had much more homework than last year and he also had to go to […]

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Best usage of cash prizes kids earned from chess tournaments

Last week, when I received the check for the cash prize in the tournament I mentioned, I did not tell Abe right away. On one hand, I think I should give the whole cash prize to Abe since he earned it from chess tournaments. He earned the money and he should be able to decide […]

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Is better to watch your kids playing in a tournament?

Abe played at Chicago Open last weekend. He scored one win, two draws and four losses. Yesterday, after looking at computer analysis showing he made mistakes here and there in his games, he told me he did poorly at the tournament. I think it’s a good learning experience for him. Since the slow time control, […]

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“Patience and concentration bring you good luck.”

That’s what I told Abe before the tournament last Saturday. It worked this time. Abe drew with a Master in the first round. After the game I congratulate him by saying “Good job. I was especially happy for you since you fought until the last second.” He literally had one second left on his clock […]

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2011 National Junior High

Last week, we drove to Columbus, Ohio for the 2011 National Junior High Championship. Abe played in the K-8 section and got a small trophy for tying with 20th place. He felt he was lucky with his parings as he got four points from much lower rated players and two losses were against much higher […]

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There were three junior events held concurrently at North Shore Chess Center last weekend. Most of the state top junior players competed there; it was quite a strong field. Abe continued his bad performance this month. In fact, Abe did not play that quickly in several of his games, while he lost them at the […]

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Lecture by Lufei Ruan

In case you do not know Ms. Ruan, she is the runner up in the 2010 Women’s World Chess Championship, and she is also a full time student pursuing her PHD degree in accounting at Carnegie Mellon University. What an opportunity it’s to join the lecture by a world elite chess player who is, at […]

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No Resolution for this year

A year earlier, I made a New Year’s Resolution, but I did not achieve it. Upon looking back, I found that my resolution was so naive and silly. This year, instead of making a New Year’s Resolution of Abe’s chess improvement of x rating points increase, I found a better alternative — making no Resolution […]

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One of the last

From last Tuesday to last Thursday, Abe played at the 2010 Pan American Open chess tournament. Since the playing site was only a little more than an hour’s drive away, I decided to drive each day instead of staying at an hotel there. The driving was not bad at all— on both ways each day, […]

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Not supposed to be

We just came back from a long (supposed to be) vacation. In fact, the vacation felt so short, I would say it last no longer than a chess game. Abe, I felt, was curious to everything on the trip, the farmers’ market was definitely different there: The land was poor, so were the people, but […]

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1st NA Amateur Closed

The 9-round 3-day tournament was held over the Thanksgiving weekend. The venue is clean and well lighted, all equipments are supplied—even the food and drink. So the plays just need to show up and play chess. A big feast of chess over Turkey Day weekend, how nice! Abe was playing in the tournament, so were […]

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