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One of the last

From last Tuesday to last Thursday, Abe played at the 2010 Pan American Open chess tournament. Since the playing site was only a little more than an hour’s drive away, I decided to drive each day instead of staying at an hotel there. The driving was not bad at all— on both ways each day, […]

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Tension here

Another weekend, another chess tournament. Another IL class (here is 2009 IL class) and another year.  Same cold snowy day outside, same hot tension inside. Hope you enjoy everything, whether it is  the snow, or it is the tension, whether you are young or you are old. Talking about something without tension, Abe’s little bother […]

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A funny book and a funny video I recommended to Abe

The book is My life and Hard Times by James Thurber. Although it is an old book, it includes many short, sweet and funny stories; it’s the best written book I have read so far. I have no reservation to recommend it to kids and the parents to read. Check you local library, and I am […]

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D is for David

Every time Abe and I go to pick up David from his daycare center, David is always very happy, and busy with something, either running in the gym, solving a puzzle or reading a book with one of his teachers. Once seeing me, he will run toward me and calling along the way “D-a-d-d-y!” Sometimes, […]

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An interesting article about Mansion by Michael Lewis

Today, I asked Abe to read ten pages of a chess book, since the book is an advanced book, I supposed him to finish the reading no less than half an hour. He started to read the chess book, at the same time, I started to read an article  from another book, minutes later, he […]

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Sesame Street: Amy Tan Reads Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat

Sesame Street is not only for small kids and their parents. When kids grow up, the parents may still want to watch the show sometimes and feel nostalgia . In addition,  if you also like a good story, Amy Tan,  Sagwa and PBS,  surely you will enjoy the following:

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