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Afterschool Chess for David

David went to Kindergarten this fall. He was so excited to be able to attend a school for bigger kids. This is a school his brother had been to, he also had been there before when his brother had some music performances such as this one I mentioned about two years ago. There is some […]

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Spring’s here. It’s the time for the kids to go out to play something. It does not matter it is riding bike or playing soccer, or playing some chess games. This was the picture I took at the hallway of the first floor of the tournament Abe played one week ago. It brought me a […]

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Unexpected after playing a scholastic chess tournament

Abe cried loud before going to bed last night. He did not have a bad tournament and was one of the top finishers of the section. But he said he wanted to be the winner of his section. I remembered he never said wanting to be a winner of any chess tournament before.  The winner […]

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6th Annual Susan Polgar World Open for Boys and Girls is only one week away!

If you have kids, who want to play chess in a scholastic tournament, you may want to consider this one. If the kid is just a beginner, it’s fine, he/she may get a free USCF membership, and this one is a good first one for the kid to treasure. If the kid is experienced, let […]

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2011 National Junior High

Last week, we drove to Columbus, Ohio for the 2011 National Junior High Championship. Abe played in the K-8 section and got a small trophy for tying with 20th place. He felt he was lucky with his parings as he got four points from much lower rated players and two losses were against much higher […]

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From 4 to 32 in four months

Abe played in a G-45 chess tournament last Sunday afternoon. Back about four months ago,  he played the same G-45 tournament when the tournament was debuted as a monthly event. At that time, only four players showed up. So they played in a round robin format, every one played each of the rest, which resulted […]

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The virtue of game analyses

From the handouts of several Abe’s recent summer chess camps, I saw more than once: “It is absolutely necessary to analyze of your game”. I guess there are two ways to analyze the game— do it yourself or with other people. When you do it yourself, some assistance, mostly computer software, is needed to point […]


Let it be

I was glad Abe was calm and in not a bad mood this raining Saturday. If you follow this blog, you know that he’s been in a slump in chess recently. In order for him to break out of the slump, I made the following plan: 1) He should play more games. 2) He should […]


A first review of “Chess Child” by Gary Robson

About months ago, I pre-ordered the book: Chess Child: The story of Ray Robson, America’s Youngest Grandmaster. I received it two days ago, finished reading it yesterday. It has been long long time since I finish reading a book in one day, not even the book Searching for Bobby Fisher. What a great father-son story. […]

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One win and one loss

Yes, the State Scholastic K-8 Chess Championships was last weekend. The day before, last Friday, Abe said, “I don’t want to go to chess tournament this weekend.” “Why?” I asked. “This Saturday, we have a basketball game with the Pacers—the team we lost two weeks ago.” Abe replied. Pacers won Nuggets two weeks ago. It’s […]

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A Second Time and a Third Time: Part 1

Abe did it again within the same weekend, unfortunately, it’s the bad thing I warned him against many times; He did another thing the third time since he started playing chess, hopefully, it could be a good thing. Part 1 is about the bad thing; part 2 is about the good thing. This past weekend, […]

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The chess scorebook

Disclaimer: The story was based on what happened yesterday. How could that happen to me? It’s all my fault. My wife was complaining that I always have a problem not be able to get organized. “Do you know you look cumbersome when you drag everything by your hands instead of putting most in you bag?” […]

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What Chess can do−2009 Illinois Class Championship

On Saturday, Abe and I went to 2009 Illinois Class Championship. More than 60 players showed up. Nice turnout for a Fundraising Tournament. The playing facility was great, here was the hallway, the Christmas light made the tournament like a holiday event. In the afternoon, here came some little kids,  they ran and screamed in […]

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“A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lit”. – Hebrew Proverb

I am puzzled by this wonderful proverb. As a parent, I know I should give more freedoms to the kids. “Leave the kids alone!” Is it the right  approach to parenting? No. I don’t think so. If we just leave the lamp alone, it may never be lit. So the parents should generate a good […]

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Wait Wait Chess Parents and Players! – A National Scholastic Tournament (National Youth Action 2009)

Last weekend, Abe and I went to the national Youth Action 2009 in Oak Brook, IL. About 500 kids competed there, since it is not uncommon to have both parents accompanying one kid, I think maybe more than 1000 people were in the hotel for that event. The picture below shows the playing hall before […]

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Step by step instructions on having your kids start playing in rated chess scholastic tournaments in the US Part II

PREPARATIONS OF PARENTS On the day (days) before the game 1) Have all chess equipments you have ready, such as sharpen the pencils, if you have bought chess digital clocks, learn how to use it and set it to the time control advised on website for the game. But if you do not have chess […]

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Step by step instructions on having your kids start playing in rated chess scholastic tournaments in the US Part I

Disclaimer and Introduction This writing is based on the experience of a parent of a scholastic chess player and is not an expert’s extensive list. When my son just start playing in rated scholastic tournament last year, we got many help tips from the chess parents and organizers. I appreciate all the helps we received […]

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Abe and me, the journey started

About three years ago, once I was roaming in the local library, I found the library would have a class named something like “Chess for Beginners”. So I brought Abe to the class; several kids showed up, along with their parents. The class was very basic, covering how to set the board and how to […]

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Let’s talk about Josh Waitzkin

Recently I reread a very good article about Josh Waitzkin from Betsy’s blog “Chess Parents and Kids”(It is pity that Betsy left her blog at November, 2008. We would like to see her back). Many of you know  Josh was being featured in the movie “Searching for Bobby Fisher”, he was a chess prodigy and […]

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Trick or Treat!

I know it is a sweet day for kids. A lot of candies! Yeah! In addition, it is a sweet day for me too, not because of the candies I could share, but because of the expression “Trick or Treat!”. Last winter break, Abe started to play in rated scholastic chess tournament. He and I […]

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