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Abe is OK after the Spring Break

In a time span of eight days or Spring Break (From 3/29 to 4/6), Abe played nine games (eight games in two soccer tournaments and a regular league game).  Out of the nine, he played most of time in one game and all time in eight full 70-minute games (although it was mentioned somewhere 35-minute halves, […]

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A tournament away

We were on road again, this time, it’s St. Louis. The whole family went together.  Abe had a soccer tournament there. His team played first two on turf fields. the last on on grass. Since part of facility was also used for college and professional soccer, fields were flat and big (bigger than the ones […]

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Afterschool Chess for David

David went to Kindergarten this fall. He was so excited to be able to attend a school for bigger kids. This is a school his brother had been to, he also had been there before when his brother had some music performances such as this one I mentioned about two years ago. There is some […]

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David, Abe’s little brother, likes to play chess from time to time. Some time he plays against computers, or against Mommy or me. He likes to set the computer to the easiest level, and we are easy enough to be worthy opponents for him to have some fun.  Abe teaches him a little bit of […]

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CCSCSL Thanksgiving Open

Several friends have told me how great the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis was and I should visit it with Abe sometime. Weeks ago, knowing Thanksgiving Open would be held over the Thanksgiving weekend there, without hesitation, I registered Abe for the tournament. I am excited to go see the club except […]

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Best usage of cash prizes kids earned from chess tournaments

Last week, when I received the check for the cash prize in the tournament I mentioned, I did not tell Abe right away. On one hand, I think I should give the whole cash prize to Abe since he earned it from chess tournaments. He earned the money and he should be able to decide […]

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Not supposed to be

We just came back from a long (supposed to be) vacation. In fact, the vacation felt so short, I would say it last no longer than a chess game. Abe, I felt, was curious to everything on the trip, the farmers’ market was definitely different there: The land was poor, so were the people, but […]

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Tension here

Another weekend, another chess tournament. Another IL class (here is 2009 IL class) and another year.  Same cold snowy day outside, same hot tension inside. Hope you enjoy everything, whether it is  the snow, or it is the tension, whether you are young or you are old. Talking about something without tension, Abe’s little bother […]

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“Abe Scored!”

We had a block party in our neighborhood last Saturday. For several days last week,  Abe had mentioned that he liked to go to the party since he wanted to play with the kids of our neighbors. In addition, as usual, he has his soccer games on Sundays. In the past weekends, we, reluctantly, skipped […]

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Abe’s chess journey in the past four months: a ride on a roller coaster

Abe’s played in a chess tournament last Saturday, won the second place. Since the entry fee’s only five dollars, we didn’t expect any prizes. However, in the end, we were told that the park district had prepared some gifts for the winners.  Several of the top performers, including Abe, got surprise prizes. How nice! Here […]

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Be thankful

Abe and I went to another chess tournament this past Saturday. The tournament had five rounds.  Abe lost two against experts and won the rest. I would think he was lucky pairing with two experts, it’s a good learning experience for him playing with strong opponents, and in addition, the entrance fee is only five […]

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Get out of the bed

Abe usually gets up at 7 am at Saturdays, he then dresses up and goes downstairs to watch TV or play video games. But not last Saturday; I told him the night before, if we’d wake up at 7, we’d go to a chess tournament, otherwise, we wouldn’t go. I did not tell Abe about […]

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Abe teaches his little brother how to play chess

David is almost three-year old. He is fortunate to have a caring older brother: Abe to play with him. It is almost time to go to bed, they are still playing chess in Abe’s room:

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What did you learn from this chess tournament

Last Weekend Abe and I went to Indianapolis to play the 2010 US Junior Chess Congress. It was the first time Abe played chess tournaments out of state,  his little brother: David and Mommy also came with us to show the support. The tournament was well organized, such as paring sheets were always posted  twenty […]

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Abe, his little brother, and the park

Abe has been to many chess tournaments, so has his little brother: David. On nice days, I bring the two brothers together, Abe plays chess in the playing hall, David and I stay in the skittles room or outside. Playing, eating, pooping and sleeping are David’s routine; I know how the day will be passed […]

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D is for David

Every time Abe and I go to pick up David from his daycare center, David is always very happy, and busy with something, either running in the gym, solving a puzzle or reading a book with one of his teachers. Once seeing me, he will run toward me and calling along the way “D-a-d-d-y!” Sometimes, […]

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A Second Time and a Third Time: Part 2

Abe scored three points out of five, he might tie for second for the the U1600 cash prize, but he did not know the amount with some games still going on. So he was glad to play with other kids while waiting. The following video shows the kids playing blitz games. It was the third […]

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Do foreign language skills really help people to be smart?

Whenever we visit the local library, David, my younger son always loves to do the check-out using the auto-check-out machine. Since he is a toddler and not tall enough to reach the scan platform, he has to step on his toes and try hard, if his brother helps him, David will scream, he wants to […]

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At Abe’s Concert

Last week, Abe had a concert at his school. His little brother, mom and I went there and watched the show. It was very impressive. The parents and siblings gave a lot of applause. Every one was having a good time. I made a video on him and his little brother. The video lasts about […]

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