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Summer is almost gone

David at the school’s Music show before the summer vacation. Comparing when he attended his brother’s show almost four and a half years ago (video: ), you can feel kids grow fast if not our parents get old fast. David also played soccer from the park district, it’s his first year. David took many swimming lessons this […]

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Abe is OK after the Spring Break

In a time span of eight days or Spring Break (From 3/29 to 4/6), Abe played nine games (eight games in two soccer tournaments and a regular league game).  Out of the nine, he played most of time in one game and all time in eight full 70-minute games (although it was mentioned somewhere 35-minute halves, […]

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A tournament away

We were on road again, this time, it’s St. Louis. The whole family went together.  Abe had a soccer tournament there. His team played first two on turf fields. the last on on grass. Since part of facility was also used for college and professional soccer, fields were flat and big (bigger than the ones […]

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Some updates

A lot of things happened in the past several months. For the first time, David went to a chess tournament (unrated). He was happy going there, got a big trophy, happily taking pictures with it. Here is one if those pictures: Abe is still playing soccer, he is doing a good job. He had a […]

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Is “Doing Less” the most wanted from middle school children for parents?

Abe is in junior high. He has quite a routine schedule and he is quite occupied. He is spending more time on his homework, has many meetings and practices on Science Olympiad. About Science Olympiad, he is doing three projects this year, two last year on the JV team. I helped him quite a bit on […]

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Some soccer game highlights

The outdoor fall season’s over. I put some highlights of the  soccer games Abe played in past two months. One is for the U12 team, to which Abe belongs. One is for U13 games, which Abe also participate from time to time.   The indoor soccer season is about to begin. Abe is looking forward […]

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Abe’s first JV soccer game in 2012

Abe played on Junior Varsity soccer team again this fall. Sometimes he would play for the Varsity team too if that team was short of players. The following highlight shows his first JV game about two months ago. I did not post this early because I thought I did not recorder any soccer games of […]

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Get ready for the travel soccer season

I asked Abe playing in quite a few chess tournaments this summer. The reason is a long story: He always excuses not to work hard (for example, doing puzzles) because he does not like it (or like it enough). One day he said he liked soccer. “Well, let him playing soccer, see if he would […]

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A good summer

What a good summer vacation looks alike? How about this: Each day, first turning on the computer, checking and following the chess games on ICC, then a couple of soccer games(Euro 2012), then the NBA playoff at the end of day. That is one typical day for Abe. No wonder he was quite satisfied with […]

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A good game

It was cool, or a little cold, but I thought it was a nice day for playing soccer during last week’s game. Upon leaving, someone greeted us and said Abe was on fire. Abe tried hard in the field and running everywhere no matter it’s offense or defense and he was good at passing to […]

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Break through

Abe had a lucky day: he had several breakthroughs in today’s soccer game.  Here is one of them: I put down my camera and tried to locate him: …he almost fell to ground… he kicked the ball… the ball looked going to the net before it hit the post…  screams burst from his teammates and […]

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Soccer season

Abe was very excited when he was making the school JV soccer team last week. He had been talking about making the soccer team several times even before the school started. It’s all new to him, like games and practices many times a week, like traveling with other teammates and the coach in a school […]

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Not supposed to be

We just came back from a long (supposed to be) vacation. In fact, the vacation felt so short, I would say it last no longer than a chess game. Abe, I felt, was curious to everything on the trip, the farmers’ market was definitely different there: The land was poor, so were the people, but […]

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1st NA Amateur Closed

The 9-round 3-day tournament was held over the Thanksgiving weekend. The venue is clean and well lighted, all equipments are supplied—even the food and drink. So the plays just need to show up and play chess. A big feast of chess over Turkey Day weekend, how nice! Abe was playing in the tournament, so were […]

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“Abe Scored!”

We had a block party in our neighborhood last Saturday. For several days last week,  Abe had mentioned that he liked to go to the party since he wanted to play with the kids of our neighbors. In addition, as usual, he has his soccer games on Sundays. In the past weekends, we, reluctantly, skipped […]

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Roger Federer and his parents

I read Anxiety On The Grass from New Yorker (issue of June 28, 2010). The article talked about Roger Federer: Unlike Agassi and countless other tennis prodigies, Federer never had to deal with pressure from an ambitious parent…His Swiss-born father… and his mother, who is South African, …played recreational tennis at the firm’s small club […]

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Chess camp, vacation and others (2 of 2)

We arrived at our hotel a little bit after noon. Mommy left to her conference right away. In fact, during each day, Abe, his little brother David and I would stay in the hotel most of the time: spending hours playing in the pools and hours watching the World Cup on the TV. As usual, […]

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Abe’s soccer game

Last Sunday, the temperature reached 89 °F (32 °C) — very hot considering it was only 63 °F (17 °C) a week ago. Abe’s soccer game was in early afternoon. It would be quite a challenger for the kids to play under the sun in such a hot day. He was supposed to arrive the […]

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The talent myth and the science of success

Yesterday evening, driving Abe home from his soccer practice, I heard something interesting from an interview on NPR: Some one said that no chess players had reached grandmaster quicker than 10 years.  I had an immediate doubt whether it’s a fact.  I knew some recent chess prodigies got the GM titles when they were younger […]

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From Chicago to Milwaukee

OK, I am kidding. I don’t mean to borrow the title of book:  From London to Elista, a chess book covers relative recent events. Abe likes it; he likes to read games, although he has not developed an interest in the anecdotes. Last Saturday, we went to Hales Corners Challenge XI in Milwaukee.  Abe was  eligible […]

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