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Some updates

A lot of things happened in the past several months. For the first time, David went to a chess tournament (unrated). He was happy going there, got a big trophy, happily taking pictures with it. Here is one if those pictures: Abe is still playing soccer, he is doing a good job. He had a […]

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A good summer

What a good summer vacation looks alike? How about this: Each day, first turning on the computer, checking and following the chess games on ICC, then a couple of soccer games(Euro 2012), then the NBA playoff at the end of day. That is one typical day for Abe. No wonder he was quite satisfied with […]

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Not supposed to be

We just came back from a long (supposed to be) vacation. In fact, the vacation felt so short, I would say it last no longer than a chess game. Abe, I felt, was curious to everything on the trip, the farmers’ market was definitely different there: The land was poor, so were the people, but […]

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Chess camp, vacation and others (2 of 2)

We arrived at our hotel a little bit after noon. Mommy left to her conference right away. In fact, during each day, Abe, his little brother David and I would stay in the hotel most of the time: spending hours playing in the pools and hours watching the World Cup on the TV. As usual, […]


One win and one loss

Yes, the State Scholastic K-8 Chess Championships was last weekend. The day before, last Friday, Abe said, “I don’t want to go to chess tournament this weekend.” “Why?” I asked. “This Saturday, we have a basketball game with the Pacers—the team we lost two weeks ago.” Abe replied. Pacers won Nuggets two weeks ago. It’s […]

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From chess board to basketball court

Last Saturday, Abe and I went to the the Blaze Fundraiser tournament. Abe hadn’t been to chess tournaments for about a month since he loved playing basketball games on Saturdays. The reason that I chose this tournament with assumption that Abe can play the chess tournament and still make his basketball game was: The chess […]

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Cheer up, tomorrow is Saturday

Everyone likes Saturday. You may choose traveling out of town, going shopping, watching a movie, fixing something on your house, or like me, bringing kids to a chess tournament. Wow, so many choices, you choose whatever you like. Maybe not entirely true. As I mentioned in another post, Abe’s basketball games are on Saturdays. Most […]

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Lists of this week’s tournament game highlights of “Nuggets”

As I mentioned in this post,  Abe and his teammates ( of team”Nuggets”)  played the Holiday Basketball Tournament from Monday to Wednesday. They played four games within three days and won all of them. The following are the highlights of all the games: Game 1, 12/21/09, “Nuggets” vs “Hornets”, posted in this post. Game 2, […]

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“Nuggets” won the championship

Here is the final game of the tournament,  “Nuggets”  (in gray) vs “Lakers” (in purple): Congratulations to all players, coaches and parents who cheer for the kids. As coach David said “Wow”. What a team effort! Go “Nuggets”.

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Abe’s Basketball game

The Holiday Basketball tournament is finally here! Abe has been waiting for it since their team started practicing on Saturdays about two months ago, he did not want to miss a single practice. He likes both basketball and chess, due to the time conflicts,  he could not play as many chess tournaments as I hoped… […]