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Get ready for the travel soccer season

I asked Abe playing in quite a few chess tournaments this summer. The reason is a long story: He always excuses not to work hard (for example, doing puzzles) because he does not like it (or like it enough). One day he said he liked soccer. “Well, let him playing soccer, see if he would […]

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“You made me angry!”

I was very frustrated with Abe’s recent performance in chess tournaments.  He likes to blitz in his games regardless of the time control. I keep reminding him to slow down.  He might realize his problem as shown in this post, but still, he will return to his bad habit very often. He did so poor […]

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A Second Time and a Third Time: Part 2

Abe scored three points out of five, he might tie for second for the the U1600 cash prize, but he did not know the amount with some games still going on. So he was glad to play with other kids while waiting. The following video shows the kids playing blitz games. It was the third […]

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