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Michael Jordan and his high school coach

Recently, I read a moving article from Sports Illustrated about Michael Jordan’s  high school coach (“Did This Man Really Cut Michael Jordan?“), coach Herring. It’s he who placed Michael on the Junior Varsity team when Michael’s a sophomore and  too short to make the Varsity team.  But Michael made the Varsity team the following year […]


Gelfand, a “local” hero, to challenge champion Anand

GM Boris Gelfand won the World Candidates Matches final in Kazan and will challenge the reigning chess world champion next year. I was so glad to hear the news.Why? Because he is like a local hero. Boris, when he was a kid, had a coach named Tamara Golovey, Tamara has a chess club in town, […]


Roger Federer and his parents

I read Anxiety On The Grass from New Yorker (issue of June 28, 2010). The article talked about Roger Federer: Unlike Agassi and countless other tennis prodigies, Federer never had to deal with pressure from an ambitious parent…His Swiss-born father… and his mother, who is South African, …played recreational tennis at the firm’s small club […]