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A Chess Dad’s view on keeping chess teenagers to chess

I have heard or seen many teenagers who quit chess when they are in middle or high schools.  These promising young chess players stop their chess improvements at early ages, which are usually best time for people to achieve their full talents in chess. On the other hand, in middle or high schools, there are […]

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Three parties in a day

Abe went to three parties last Saturday. We went to two— the second one of his was a birthday party, we just needed to drop him off. So we left the first one early in order to make his second one, during the same time, we went to shopping to prepare the third one. We […]

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Oops, life is made of what you think

We used to live on second floor of an apartment building when Abe was five or six years old. The mail boxes were located on the side wall of the small entrance lobby. Each mail box was marked by the owners of the unit, in our case, it was Mommy’s last name and Daddy’s last name. One day,  […]

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A beautiful article on adventures of a chess player

If you have not read IM Irina Krush ‘s article “Krush in China – adventures of a chess player” on, and if you like chess, art, adventure and beauty of nature,  you should check that one out. The article is a photo document of Irina’s adventures in China, it is full of beautiful pictures […]