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A good game

It was cool, or a little cold, but I thought it was a nice day for playing soccer during last week’s game. Upon leaving, someone greeted us and said Abe was on fire. Abe tried hard in the field and running everywhere no matter it’s offense or defense and he was good at passing to […]

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There were three junior events held concurrently at North Shore Chess Center last weekend. Most of the state top junior players competed there; it was quite a strong field. Abe continued his bad performance this month. In fact, Abe did not play that quickly in several of his games, while he lost them at the […]


No Resolution for this year

A year earlier, I made a New Year’s Resolution, but I did not achieve it. Upon looking back, I found that my resolution was so naive and silly. This year, instead of making a New Year’s Resolution of Abe’s chess improvement of x rating points increase, I found a better alternative — making no Resolution […]