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Unexpected after playing a scholastic chess tournament

Abe cried loud before going to bed last night. He did not have a bad tournament and was one of the top finishers of the section. But he said he wanted to be the winner of his section. I remembered he never said wanting to be a winner of any chess tournament before.  The winner […]

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Luck stroke again

Last weekend, Abe played in Chicago Class chess tournament.   I put him playing up one class since Abe, most often, plays better against slightly higher rated players —plays worse against lower rated players. I guess  his concentration plays a big roll in his performance. He concentrates more when playing against high rated players; he makes […]

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“Patience and concentration bring you good luck.”

That’s what I told Abe before the tournament last Saturday. It worked this time. Abe drew with a Master in the first round. After the game I congratulate him by saying “Good job. I was especially happy for you since you fought until the last second.” He literally had one second left on his clock […]

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The virtue of game analyses

From the handouts of several Abe’s recent summer chess camps, I saw more than once: “It is absolutely necessary to analyze of your game”. I guess there are two ways to analyze the game— do it yourself or with other people. When you do it yourself, some assistance, mostly computer software, is needed to point […]


Abe, his little brother, and the park

Abe has been to many chess tournaments, so has his little brother: David. On nice days, I bring the two brothers together, Abe plays chess in the playing hall, David and I stay in the skittles room or outside. Playing, eating, pooping and sleeping are David’s routine; I know how the day will be passed […]

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