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Found it!

Yesterday, waiting outside the chess playing hall at a chess tournament, I looked outside of the window and thought: “Fall was not bad and it’s a nice day outside”. When Abe showed up after finishing his game, I asked him, “Did you see any birds outside?” I asked him this question because I missed their […]

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2011 National Junior High

Last week, we drove to Columbus, Ohio for the 2011 National Junior High Championship. Abe played in the K-8 section and got a small trophy for tying with 20th place. He felt he was lucky with his parings as he got four points from much lower rated players and two losses were against much higher […]


Keep playing

In a recent tournament, one chess parent told me about his chess-playing son: “He played so little in the summer.” The boy is very talented and performed splendid from time to time. Since his parenting are very busy, he has not played much in tournaments recently. “Win or lose, I don’t care. Just keep playing.” […]


From Chicago to Milwaukee

OK, I am kidding. I don’t mean to borrow the title of book:  From London to Elista, a chess book covers relative recent events. Abe likes it; he likes to read games, although he has not developed an interest in the anecdotes. Last Saturday, we went to Hales Corners Challenge XI in Milwaukee.  Abe was  eligible […]


Oops, life is made of what you think

We used to live on second floor of an apartment building when Abe was five or six years old. The mail boxes were located on the side wall of the small entrance lobby. Each mail box was marked by the owners of the unit, in our case, it was Mommy’s last name and Daddy’s last name. One day,  […]

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