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A good summer

What a good summer vacation looks alike? How about this: Each day, first turning on the computer, checking and following the chess games on ICC, then a couple of soccer games(Euro 2012), then the NBA playoff at the end of day. That is one typical day for Abe. No wonder he was quite satisfied with […]

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A good game

It was cool, or a little cold, but I thought it was a nice day for playing soccer during last week’s game. Upon leaving, someone greeted us and said Abe was on fire. Abe tried hard in the field and running everywhere no matter it’s offense or defense and he was good at passing to […]

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Roger Federer and his parents

I read Anxiety On The Grass from New Yorker (issue of June 28, 2010). The article talked about Roger Federer: Unlike Agassi and countless other tennis prodigies, Federer never had to deal with pressure from an ambitious parent…His Swiss-born father… and his mother, who is South African, …played recreational tennis at the firm’s small club […]


Andre Agassi: I did not choose tennis when I was young

Today, I heard an interesting interview of Andre Agassi on NPR (the website is here). Andre was a very famous tennis star. In fact, he was widely considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. On the show, he said he did not choose tennis when he was young but his father pushed […]

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