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A good game

It was cool, or a little cold, but I thought it was a nice day for playing soccer during last week’s game. Upon leaving, someone greeted us and said Abe was on fire. Abe tried hard in the field and running everywhere no matter it’s offense or defense and he was good at passing to […]

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A bad tournament

Last Saturday, Abe had a bad tournament; he scored 1.5 points out 4. On the way to home, he said his face was so red (so he could not think calmly). I replied “Maybe you are over-excited (to rush)”. He had so many school activities this year. Every day, before dinner, he just got home […]

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The virtue of game analyses

From the handouts of several Abe’s recent summer chess camps, I saw more than once: “It is absolutely necessary to analyze of your game”. I guess there are two ways to analyze the game— do it yourself or with other people. When you do it yourself, some assistance, mostly computer software, is needed to point […]


For better or for worse

Abe played in two tournaments last weekend — one on Saturday and one on Sunday, scored one point out of  three and two points out of four,  respectively. The performance was certainly not that good, however, it wasn’t as poor as his in recent weeks either. I had been telling him all the time: 1) […]


Chess camp, vacation and others (1 of 2)

Abe went to a chess camp last week. There were five groups in the camp based on ratings of campers. Abe was placed in the group 5—the strongest group. Abe also came to the same camp last year, he won the first place easily in his group— group 3 at the time (there were chess tournaments  […]


The worst day in a chess tournament

Last Saturday, Abe had the worst performance in any chess tournaments—lost all four rounds, scored zero point in the end. Before the tournament, he said to me, as usual, “I do not want to go. Do we have to go?” We did not have other engagements on the Saturday. He might just fool around— watching […]

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Rounds of games and time in between

Last Saturday, Abe and I went to a chess tournament. Abe did so-so if not poorly in the tournament. He lost one, drew one, and won two, all to lower rated opponents. Of course, there were still some thing good about the tournament. It’s not, however, the chess games themselves; it is the time in between […]

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Get out of the bed

Abe usually gets up at 7 am at Saturdays, he then dresses up and goes downstairs to watch TV or play video games. But not last Saturday; I told him the night before, if we’d wake up at 7, we’d go to a chess tournament, otherwise, we wouldn’t go. I did not tell Abe about […]

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The USCF online ratings

I like that the USCF ratings update after each tournament and they are publicly accessible on its website. So does Abe, I think. He sometimes browses the website, I don’t think he mainly worries his own rating; instead he does it out of curiosity of his friends or other players. Last Saturday, two days ago, […]

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If you feel frustrated with your kids

From time to time, you may feel frustrated with your kids. For example, they keep playing video games on the computer although you yelled several times ” It is dinner time. Go wash your hands.” The kids don’t listen to you, or listen but wouldn’t do what you asked. Be calm,  it is normal,  and […]


Parenting and the digital age

Thanks to the digital technology such as internet, David can watch many kids songs on YouTube for free; Every day, after school, Abe can’t wait to do three things on internet: checking latest chess news, following latest NBA news, and playing video games. Since the two brothers are not teenagers yet, I haven’t worried much […]